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28 May 2023

Challenges in Natural Rubber Value Chain


Natural rubber is a highly important commodity that plays a vital role in many industries, from automotive to medical equipment and billions of consumer products around the world. Smallholders in Southeast Asia, Africa and Latin America play a significant role in the production of natural rubber, with their contribution accounting for over 80% of the world's supply. However, smallholders face various challenges that affect their productivity and profitability.

27 November 2022

Yulex: Changing the game for rubber smallholders in Southeast Asia


Using PEFC-certified rubber, Yulex is proving that we can create rubber products that are renewable and truly sustainable for rubber smallholders and communities.

14 November 2022

How PEFC certification can help the rubber industry to meet the ESG goals of a shifting global economy


Will the natural rubber industry be able to keep up with the global shift towards sustainability and satisfy the appetites of investors and financial institutions looking to put their money into responsible, sustainable commodity supply chains?