Snow Tyres

Rubber keeps us safe on the long and winding road.

And a good grip also saves forests!

Snow Tyres

1 October 2022 News

If you’ve ever seen the popular television show ‘Ice Road Truckers’ you’ll know what tyres made of natural rubber are capable of. In the toughest of conditions and the most hospitable driving environments, there’s no other material that comes close.

Around 70% of the world’s natural rubber supply is used in car tyres, primarily for its superior ability to ‘bite’ and grip into the tiny imperfections of driving surfaces. In addition, the tyres on all-terrain vehicles contain a higher content of natural rubber as synthetic rubber tends to harden and become brittle in cold temperatures.

There are simply no alternatives to natural rubber to make the estimated 2 billion tyres that are produced around the world every year. This rubber mostly comes from one source; smallholders in Southeast Asia, who typically grow and produce this rubber alongside existing forests. 

The demand for natural rubber is booming as a result of the sharp rise in vehicle sales globally. PEFC works at the source, helping plantation owners produce raw natural rubber sustainably. This makes their plantations more productive, gives them access to international markets, and protects nearby forests from encroachment. That’s how a good grip saves forests, and does so much more.

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